Fold in Flavor with Parchment

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1. The Basics

Parchment paper, also called baking paper, is a heavy-duty, non-stick paper that is typically used for lining baking pans. It eliminates the need for extra oil and makes clean up a breeze. You can also use parchment paper to bake whole meals "en papillote," a French cooking method in which foods and seasonings are cooked together inside an envelope made with parchment.

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Step 1

Cut a large square piece of parchment paper and place on a baking dish or cookie sheet. Place protein and any vegetables plus seasonings onto the middle.

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Step 2

Join the two opposite edges and fold over the edge to create a pocket.

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Step 3

Fold the other two open edges on the opposite sides.

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Step 4

Fold and twist them up toward the food until the package feels secure.

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Step 5

Place baking dish or cookie sheet into oven and bake according to recipe instructions.

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