How Hunger Can Impact Your Decisions

Being "hangry" is real — and it can affect your life in more ways than one.
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You know you shouldn’t grocery shop when you’re hangry, since inevitably you’ll come home with an armload of cookies and chips. But according to new research from the University of Dundee in the United Kingdom, being hungry not only affects your food decisions but all your decisions. 

Woman looking for food in the fridge

Being hungry affects all decision-making. Take a quick trip to the fridge before making any important calls!

Researchers found that those who were hungry tended to make choices with instant or short-term gratification in mind, and they were more likely to settle on something more hastily than those in a fed state. So if you’re asking your boss for a raise or are buying a big-ticket item like a car, make sure you eat well beforehand so you can negotiate with focus and ferocity!

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