Is It Bad to Snack Before Bed?

Eating before bed is controversial, but researchers now say snacking won't disrupt your fat-loss goals as long as it fits within this criteria.
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Whether you’ve stayed up later than normal or are simply having a hungry day, snacking later in the evening won’t disrupt your fat-loss intentions, so long as your snack is small(ish) and protein-based. 

Woman snacking on popcorn while on her computer

Step away from the popcorn! The best thing to eat before bed time is protein.

New research from Florida State University found that when women who lift weights consumed protein before bed, it did not interfere with overnight belly-fat metabolism or whole-body fat burn. Tired of protein shakes? Try a couple of hard-boiled eggs, ½ cup of Greek yogurt or a few leftover turkey meatballs.

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