The Taste of Fall: 5 Must-Try Fall Recipes

Looking for some new fall staples? We share some of our five seasonal favorites.
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As the leaves begin to turn and the temperatures start to drop, signs of autumn are everywhere. Just what is it about the fall season that brings about feelings of nostalgia? Memories of Thanksgiving celebrations, football season and cozy sweaters come to mind — and the irresistible assortment of fall foods that accompany them.

“Evolutionarily, we are designed to eat according to the seasons for important reasons,” says Nicole Visnic, CCN, the ambassador of nutrition at LifeSpan Medicine. “Foods are at their nutritional peak, they provide properties that help keep our bodies comfortable during changing temperatures, and best of all, the flavor of in-season food is unparalleled. Fall foods are designed to prepare our bodies for low food supply in the winter and to provide rich sources of vitamins and minerals to fill our nutrient reserves.”

Looking for some new fall staples? Visnic shares her five seasonal favorites:

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