Oxygen Magazine’s Equity & Inclusion Pledge

1. Commit to Self-Reflection, Internal Education and Diversity Among Staff

We will raise our organizational self-awareness to evolve our industry in accordance with micro and macro sociological changes that impact our community at large.

  • Seek education for the Oxygen team from respected JEDI training resources to help us assess and acknowledge our internal shortcomings.
  • Form a diverse committee/focus group of industry experts of color, different sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, physical abilities, etc., to gain a variety of perspectives and to help inform, steer and lead impactful initiatives.
  • Advance justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in our company, its leadership and our business practices. Address and reduce unconscious biases by implementing regular assessments of our internal hiring processes and our selection of coaches, ambassadors, authors and models.
  • Monitor our progress by consistently seeking feedback from the Oxygen audience and greater fitness industry to assess ongoing needs, opportunities and barriers; and offer ongoing solutions and meaningful support.

2. Ensure That Internal Work Evolves to External Education, Visibility and Representation

We will use the learnings from our first set of commitments to educate and lead the industry in progressive and sustainable change. 

  • Ensure our coaches enforce and live out our sister brand IDEA Health & Fitness’ Code of Ethics in practice.
  • Study justice, equity, diversity and inclusion across the health, fitness and wellness industry; identify specific issues that call for improvement; and consciously and thoughtfully lead with change initiatives.
  • Use our media platform to raise awareness and facilitate discussions on these issues—as well as promote advocacy and programs that support at-risk communities—via our website, social media platforms, ambassador network, and online courses. We will foster and inspire progressive interpersonal exchange, learning and communication among our coaches, ambassadors, subscribers, members, and greater audience to amplify the voices of those who have been marginalized and underserved.
  • Ensure that our content and imagery represent the faces, voices and interests of a diverse population.
  • Increase accessibility to all company content and products; and mindfully address justice, equity, diversity and inclusion during development, implementation and delivery.

3. Create, Connect and Collaborate in Support of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We will create programs and connect with like-minded organizations to collaborate and support initiatives to increase equitable access to career opportunities and advancement for all people of color, different sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, physical abilities, etc.

  • Allocate Oxygen opportunities for, but not limited to, all marginalized and underrepresented fitness, health and wellness professionals.
  • Actively advertise and engage in outreach to recruit/encourage diverse professional participation of coaches, ambassadors, authors and models.
  • In collaboration with sister brand IDEA Health & Fitness Association, develop initiatives and outreach programs to promote fitness careers and provide resources to underrepresented student populations and aspiring fitness professionals (e.g. high school/college programs, job placement, career skills tools, professional organizations and scholarships).
  • Strengthen our commitments by partnering with organizations who live these ethics in their own businesses and who will help us further these goals.