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ZonePerfect Macros Bars

You can’t take your fitness and health goals to the next level when you’re running on empty! Enter the ZonePerfect Macros bar, packed with a purposeful blend of 40 percent of calories from energizing carbs, 30 percent from strength-supporting protein and 30 percent from nourishing fat. And to support your total-body wellness, these great-tasting bars have 18 vitamins and minerals and 1 to 2 grams of sugar, and taste so good it’s a guarantee!

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About ZonePerfect®

Official Nutrition Sponsor of The Oxygen Challenge 6

ZonePerfect makes purposefully blended macronutrient bars, shakes, and powders that taste amazing. No matter what kind of lifestyle you need energy for, ZonePerfect can help fuel your next level up. This is nutrition for people that live with intention.