Take a Closer Look at Quest’s New Cinnamon Crunch Protein Powder

Something sweet for your swolemate.

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Protein powder lovers are getting something sweet this Valentine’s Day — Quest is releasing their Quest Labs hit Cinnamon Crunch Protein Powder in February. This one differentiates itself from other protein powder flavors by including tiny bits of “inclusions” in the powder mix. Last year, you’ll remember, Quest released their Cookies & Cream protein powder with little tasty protein cookie crumbles inside. This time, they’re complimenting the “bowl of cinnamon cereal” flavor with tiny bits of Beyond Cereal Protein Bars mixed in. The taste is pretty incredible — basically, if you could capture the sweet, cinnamon flavor of the milk left in the bottom of the bowl (the best part, honestly), that’s exactly what this powder tastes like.

So what’s the protein content? This blend uses the same whey, casein and milk protein isolates Quest is known for. The custom-made protein blend contains nine essential amino acids and is rich in leucine — which, as you probably know — is one of the main drivers behind protein synthesis (i.e., building muscle).

The nutrition label and ingredients for the new powder:



The main thing to look at here is the P/Cal% — that’s the amount of calories you get from the protein in the powder. This blend from Quest is 80 percent P/Cal%, meaning 80 percent of the calories in the powder come from protein. Not bad for something that tastes like junk food. Check your local fitness retailer in February or head to Quest Nutrition’s website to try it out.