You may have heard the saying, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”  While those words may sound a bit dramatic, there’s definitely something to that notion.

Planning ahead is an invaluable tool in the fitness realm. It provides direction for your training and ensures that each rep you eke out serves a greater purpose for your goals. That means no more endless treadmill sessions or countless squats without seeing any progress.

Here at Oxygen, you know that any training or nutrition plans you choose to follow have been designed by top-notch experts and won’t involve any gimmicky equipment or so-called-magical teas to help you shed pounds. Just use your Outside+ login or sign up to access any and all of the programs below.

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Below you’ll find plans for a range of goals and lengths of time. Looking for something more specific? Give us a shout on social media or at to let us know — you may not be the only one!

The Any-Goal Meal Plan

Whether you want to lean out, build muscle or break a personal record, tweaking your macronutrient ratios can give you the edge you want.

Fitness Quest: The 100-Squat Challenge

Squats are your lower body's best friend, and this challenge will have you doing plenty of them! By the end of this 30-day plan, you'll be prepared to rep out 100 squats in a row.