Exercises by Bodypart for Women

Blastoff Lunge

Fry one leg at a time with this challenging lunge variation as part of your plyometric workout or as a finisher on leg day.

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Try this twist on standard plyo lunges to fry one leg at a time from Idalis Velazquez, NASM, C9 Champion brand ambassador and owner of IV Fitness in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “This move sculpts the legs and glutes while training agility and lateral strength,” Velazquez says. “It also challenges your core stability and boosts your metabolism.” Use this move as part of a plyometric workout or as a finisher on leg day. Do five to eight reps on each leg for three sets. Rest 60 seconds between sets.


Setup: Get into the start position of a lunge with your front knee over your ankle and your rear leg extended behind you up on your toes. Your weight should be centered between your feet.

Action: Bend both knees and lower until your back knee barely touches the floor, then explode upward and about a foot to the side, landing softly in the same lunge position and going right into the next repetition. Do all reps side to side with one leg forward, then switch legs.

Tip: Use your arms to help generate power and height.