Butterfly Dip

An upper-body blaster that also tones your inner thighs and glutes? Sign us up!

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This multitasking dip variation was created by Kenta Seki, star of the Fusion 15 workouts and the E! network reality show Just Jillian. Do three sets of 20 reps in place of basic dips, or add the move to a total-body circuit workout.

Setup: Sit with your hands behind you placed shoulder-distance apart, fingers forward. Bend your knees and place your heels together, then let your knees fall open into a butterfly position.

Move: Straighten your elbows and extend your arms, pressing your hips up while simultaneously pivoting your legs on your heels to squeeze your knees together. Lower to the start and open your knees to complete one rep.

Trainer’s tip: Pause at the top and squeeze your legs in hard while really pressing your hips up to make the most of each rep.