Fitness Gear and Apparel for Women

Fast Postworkout Fixes

If you’re a lunch-hour workout warrior, these are the products you need to go back to the office looking your best.

Face First

Don’t go back to work looking grimy. Simple Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes are an excellent way to clean up the combination of dirt, oil and dead skin cells (with sweat to top that off) that keep you from looking your best.


$5.99, Simple Skincare

Healthy Glow

Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm is a perfect face fix after a workout. It gives some coverage to even out the skin, toning down redness and minimizing pores, and it’s SPF 20 to protect you from the afternoon sun.


$34, Urban Decay

Freshen Up

If you’re heading to the gym on your lunch break, you probably want to maximize training time, which means no time for a shower. The Athletic Body Wipe by ShowerPill lets you clean up quickly so you get back to your desk feeling fresh.


$9.99, ShowerPill


Even if makeup isn’t your thing, you might want a quick postworkout face freshener. You can accent your eyes, cheeks and lips with The Nars Multiple stick and blend it in with your fingers for a natural, glowing finish.


$39, NARS Cosmetics


The delightful aroma of Decleor Arome Tonic body mist comes from high-quality essential oils and plant extracts. A spritz leaves you feeling revitalized but not drenched in an overpowering scent that might bother co-workers.


$59, Decleor