This total-body conditioner is a great functional exercise that mimics every day movements in and out of the gym.

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This dynamic and cardiovascular move works your entire lower body, back, shoulders, abs and upper chest all at once. Add it into the beginning of your lower-body routine to wake up those muscle fibers and get your heart pumping.

Setup: Hold a large, soft medicine ball in both hands at your chest, elbows down, chin lifted so you’re looking up.

Move: Bend your knees and squat down low, breaking parallel, then explode out of the bottom of the squat, extending your legs and hips and throwing the ball straight up into the air. Catch it and immediately descend into the next repetition. Try to maintain an even rhythm.

Tip: You also can do these against a wall; just aim for a specific spot and try to hit it each time you toss the ball.