Seated Box Jumps

This variation on the box jump will build leg strength and help you develop explosive power.

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Improve your explosive power, vertical leap and acceleration capacity while building overall leg strength with this variation on traditional box jumps. By eliminating the stretch reflex created when you descend and load up to spring (as in a typical plyometric jump), you’re training the concentric muscle action exclusively, giving your lower half a new challenge to handle.

Seated box jumps workout for toning legs

Setup: Place two boxes (or a bench and a box) next to each other, about 1 to 2 feet apart. If you’re a new athlete, your boxes can be the same height. More experienced athletes can use one that is 4 inches higher or more. Sit completely on the shorter box facing the second box with your feet flat on the floor. Your legs should be bent about 90 degrees.

Move: Swing your arms back, then drive through the ground to jump and explode upward on top of the other box. Use your arms to gain height and your abs and hip flexors to bring your knees upward and forward. Land softly, stand all the way up, then step off one foot at a time and rest 30 to 60 seconds. Do three to five reps for two or three sets.