Exercises by Bodypart for Women

5 Thigh Exercises to Get Rid of Saddlebags

Look no further than this do-anywhere workout to define your outer thighs and glutes.

Let’s make this clear: There is no such bodypart or muscle called a “saddlebag.” Like “muffin top,” it’s essentially a made-up word in the fitness industry to describe a place that holds excess fat. For those of you who have never heard of the “saddlebag” many women refer to, it’s the area on the outer part of your upper thigh and glutes that is underdeveloped and holds excess fat.

These simple and effective go-to exercises will shine a spotlight on this stubborn area. It’s important to note these exercises, along with a proper nutrition plan, will really do the trick. The key to these exercises is to focus on holding and squeezing the movement at the top. So if you’re ready to say goodbye to saddlebags, then let’s get started.

Exercise Sets Duration
Rainbow 5 10 (each side)
Standing Side Bent Leg Raise 5 10-12 (each side)
Grasshopper Beat 5 20
Fire Hydrant 5 10-12 (each side)
Curtsy  5 12-15 (each side)

Perform the following exercises in a circuit to feel the burn and achieve a challenging workout!

Standing Side Bent Leg Raise


Stand up straight and then stand on one leg. Bring your hands out in front of you, bend the leg that is free, and begin to raise it up and out to the side. Squeeze and hold the leg that is up and then bring it back down — but do not touch the ground. Keep the tension and then repeat this movement.

Trainer Tip: Try adding a mini-resistance band above your knees and perform this move.



Start on all fours. Extend one leg out at an angle behind you. Raise that leg up as high as you can, bring it over your other leg so it is bent and touch the ground on the opposite side. Touch the ground and then bring it back up and over to the start position.

Fire Hydrants


Start on all fours, keep your back and neck straight, and look forward. Keeping your knee bent, raise your leg out to the side until your thigh is parallel to the floor. Hold at the top and squeeze, then return back to the start position.

Curtsy Lunges


Start standing and place one leg behind you so your thighs cross. Bend both knees as if you were to curtsy. Return to the start position.

Grasshopper Beat


Lie on your stomach and fold your hand in front of you. Raise and separate your legs up behind you (about six to eight inches), then bring your feet toward each other and press them together, squeezing your glutes and thigh muscles. Open your feet back to the start position.