The Arnold Press

Use the oft-forgotten Arnold Press to work all three delt heads in a single set.
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arnold press shoulder workout for women

The Arnold Press is a unique, effective and basic move. It was designed by Arnold Schwarzenegger to work all three heads of the shoulder (front delt, side delt, rear delt) at the same time.

How to do an Arnold Press

Do two to three sets of 10 to 12 reps; work up to eight to 10 reps per set with a heavier weight.

Target Muscles: anterior, lateral and posterior deltoids

Set Up: Hold a pair of weights in front of your shoulders, palms facing your body. (The start position should look like the top portion of the dumbbell curl.)

Action: In one fluid motion, open your arms and then extend them overhead. Pause, then reverse the move and repeat.

• If you have lower-back problems or are just starting out, do this move on a chair or bench that offers back support.

• Begin with less weight than you would use for overhead dumbbell presses; you can always adjust in your later sets.

Max motion: The range of motion of this exercise is much greater than that of a standard shoulder press.

Pair the Arnold Press with these exercises to create a speedy workout that targets every aspect of your delts: lateral raises, front raises and bent-over rear-delt flyes.

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