Get it Right: Bosu Dead Bug

The Dead Bug will improve your core strength as well as hip flexor and spine stabilizer strength. Here’s how to do this effective move.

Yes, it’s an ignoble name, but this exercise hits your core 360 degrees around. Just balancing across the Bosu forces your abs, obliques, lower back and glutes to contract simultaneously for stabilization; add in the leg action and you’ve got a serious core-killer. Start with two sets of five reps each leg, and work up to three sets of 10 as you get stronger.

Bosu Dead Bug

Setup: Place a Bosu, dome side up, on the floor and lie overtop of it with the small of your back placed around the center of the dome. (You may need to shift forward or backward some to find your ideal balanced position.) Lift your arms over your chest and your legs over your hips, knees bent. You should be balanced evenly on top of the Bosu.

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Move: Slowly drop one heel toward the floor and touch it down lightly. Reach your arms overhead or to the sides to counterbalance your leg so you stay centered on top of the Bosu. Slowly bring your arms and leg back to the start. Continue, alternating sides.

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