Dumbbell Triceps Kickback

Get rid of arm jiggle! Target all three heads of the triceps muscle with the dumbbell triceps kickback.
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The dumbbell triceps kickback targets all three heads (long, lateral and medial) of the triceps muscle, strengthening and sculpting the back of the arm.


Setup: Stand next to a flat bench, one knee on the bench, propping yourself up on your arm. Hold a weight in your opposite hand, with your upper arm parallel to the ground.

Action: Extend your arm back toward your hip until your arms is straight and parallel to the bench. Return to the start position. Do 10 reps on each side.

• Keep your elbow glued to the side of your body throughout the entire movement. The only movement should be below your elbow.

• Squeeze your triceps as you extend your arm before returning to the start position.

• Keep your shoulders facing the bench throughout the entire movement.

• Keep your spine straight — don’t let your stomach sag.

• Balance your weight equally between your foot on the ground and your knee and hand on the bench.

• Imagine drawing an arc with the weight as you push it from the starting point back to your hip.

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