JayBird Run XT True Wireless Sport Headphones

Fast-forward your fitness with these great wireless sport headphones.
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Listening to music is a great motivator when working out, but when your listening device is an epic fail nothing is more annoying. Here is why you should have a look at the JayBird Run XT True Wireless Headphones.

JayBird Run XT True Wireless Sport Headphones

There is some confusion when shopping for wireless headphones, but to set the record straight: “true wireless” means that there are no wires anywhere, either from the buds to your phone or your buds to each other. They are completely free of restrictions and as such, allow you to move in all planes of motion uninhibited.

No Sweat

The JayBird Run XT earbuds are fully water- and sweat-proof, so go ahead and “glow” a little (or a lot!) They are IPX7 rated and will survive the deluge without flinching.

Now Hear This

One of the most annoying things about ear buds is that they are difficult to customize to your ears. But the JayBird Run XT has several interchangeable tips and fins that enable you to fit them to your physiology — without fear of them falling out. The buds are also lightweight, weighing about seven grams each, yet they are super solid and deliver premium sound no matter what your activity.

Speaking of Sound...

JayBird stands out from its competitors for many reasons, not the last of which is their app. Here you can control your settings to better personalize your tunes and get the best sound possible. There are also several great stations and podcasts available on the app to peruse if you get tired of your own playlists

Case Dismissed

The JayBird Run XT earbuds charge conveniently within their own case, and offer up to four hours of play time on a single eight-hour charge.

While they land on the pricier side of sound technology, they are well worth the extra few bucks. Like they say, you get what you pay for and with JayBird you’ll never be disappointed.  

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