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The Kettlebell Crush Workout

Now that you know the proper technique, here’s how to structure an entire kettlebell routine.
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Do each exercise in the order outlined using a kettlebell that allows you to perform the recommended number of repetitions. Do the required number of sets before moving on to the next exercise. Substitute this full-body workout for your regular routine no more than twice per month. 

bent press

Need a mechanics refresher? Click here to learn how to do each of these powerful moves.

Two-Arm Kettlebell Swing

10-15 Reps

2 Sets

13-30 Rest (seconds) 

Swing Snatch

6-8 per arm

2 Sets

15-30 Rest (seconds)


6-8 each direction

2 Sets

15-30 Rest (seconds)

Bent Press

4-6 per arm

2 Sets

15-30 Rest (seconds) 

Half Turkish Get-Up

8-12 per slide

2 Sets

15-30 Rest (seconds)

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