Koya Webb's Total-Body Circuit

Vegan wellness expert and fitness personality Koya Webb shares her do-anywhere total-body workout.

When someone says they’ve “done it all,” typically they’re exaggerating. But Koya Webb could probably make that statement and pass a lie-detector test. In her recent past, Webb has been a nationally ranked collegiate heptathlete, an Olympic high-jump hopeful, an international Nike and Adidas model, a figure competitor, a celebrity personal trainer, an author, a certified yogi, a raw/vegan advocate, a motivational speaker, a television personality, and now a holistic wellness and life coach. Her international recognition slingshots her around the globe to locations such as Nicaragua and St. Croix for seminars, and now she brings her vast base of knowledge and experience to Oxygen.

Here she shares her go-to total-body workout that you can do anytime, anywhere.

Do one set of each move for 20 reps, and do all the moves in order with 10 seconds of rest in between. Rest 60 seconds between circuits and go through the routine three times.

Reverse Lunge with Biceps Hammer Curl


Setup: Stand with your feet together and hold a set of dumbbells at your sides, palms facing inward.

Move: Take a large step behind you and bend both knees to lunge toward the floor. Simultaneously curl the weights up toward your shoulders, squeezing hard at the top. Push off your rear foot to return to standing. Continue, alternating sides.

Curtsy Lunge with Overhead Press


Setup: Stand with your feet more than shoulder-width apart and hold a set of dumbbells at ear level, palms forward.

Move: Keeping your hips square, step behind you on the diagonal with one foot, bending both knees and lowering toward the floor in a curtsy. At the same time, press the dumbbells overhead and turn your wrists so at the top, the dumbbells are facing inward. Extend your legs and step your feet back together to return to the start. Do all reps on one side, then switch.

Bent-Knee Handstand


Place your hands on the floor shoulder-width apart about a foot in front of a wall. Kick your legs up overhead to come into a handstand with your heels against the wall and tighten your abs and glutes to stabilize yourself. Slowly bend one knee and bring it toward your chest, toes pointed, until your thigh is roughly parallel or just below to the floor. Hold for 15 seconds, then extend to the start and repeat on the other side. Do two to three rounds, coming down between sets if you need to.

Goddess Lunge with Front Raise


Setup: Take a wide stance with your toes turned out slightly and hold a set of weights in front of you with your palms facing rearward.

Move: Bend one knee deeply while keeping the other straight and lunge toward the side. Simultaneously raise the dumbbells in front of you to shoulder height. Return to the start. Do all reps on one side, then switch.

One-Legged Squat with Triceps Kickback


Setup: Stand on one foot with the opposite foot lifted. Hinge from the hip until your torso is inclined about 45 degrees, bend your elbows and pin them to your sides, palms facing inward.

Move: Bend your standing knee and squat down as low as you can. As you extend your leg to return to the start, hinge at your elbow and press the weights up and back in a smooth arc until your arms are straight. Bend your knee and lower your weights to go into the next repetition. Do equal reps on both legs.

Glute Bridge with a Chest Flye


Setup: Lie faceup with your knees bent and heels close to your glutes. Hold a set of dumbbells with your arms outstretched in line with your shoulders along the floor, elbows slightly bent.

Move: Press your hips up until they come in line with your knees and shoulders while simultaneously bringing the weights up and inward to meet over your upper chest. Pause and squeeze both your glutes and your chest, then lower to the start.

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