Three Moves For Tight Thighs

Trim thigh jiggle for good with these three moves.

Few women are totally happy with their thighs. But we can change all that right now. These three exercises will help you build strong, muscular and attractive quads.


What To Do

• Perform the following three exercises two to three times a week. Make sure you have at least one rest day between these leg workouts.

• Beginners should do one set of 15 to 20 repetitions.

• Intermediates should go for 10 to 12 repetitions for two sets.

• Advanced trainers should use maximum weight for three sets of eight repetitions.

Quad Step-Up


Set Up: Stand very close to the side of a bench (six inches or less away); this will help target your quads more.

Action: Step one foot onto the bench and lift yourself up. Lower down slowly and repeat, alternating legs.

Note: Advanced trainers can increase the intensity by holding a pair of dumbbells.

Front Squat


Set Up: This exercise may be difficult at first, but it may be easier if you place a block of wood under your heels. Hold a barbell across the front of your shoulders.

Action: Squat until your legs form 90-degree angles. Keep your head up and back straight.

Dumbbell Lunge


Set Up: Hold a pair of dumbbells in your hands; beginners can start without. Keep your back straight.

Action: Take a small step forward and lunge, alternating legs with each rep. Keep your feet close to target the front of your quads.

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