Must-Do Cardio Machine: StepMill

If you want the best cardio workout, bypass the treadmill and step onto the StepMill.
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Get the best cardio workout with the StepMill

If there’s one cardio machine that shouldn’t be ignored, it’s the butt-kicking StepMill. “The StepMill provides great ‘bang for your buck’ and is the queen of HIIT,” says Liz Jackson, personal trainer, amateur figure competitor and co-owner of The Rack Gym in Ponca City, Oklahoma. 

Try this StepMill/calisthenics hybrid routine designed by Jackson as a fat-burning supplement to your training. 

Warm-up: Do five minutes at a steady step rate in your personal comfort zone.

> Increase rate by 20 spm (steps per minute) for two minutes.

> Get off machine and do 20 push-ups.

> Resume StepMill for two minutes with an additional 20 spm.

> Get off machine and do 20 burpees.

> Resume StepMill for two minutes with an additional 10 spm.

> Get off machine and do 20 bodyweight squats.

> Resume StepMill at your fastest possible pace for one minute.

> Return to a steady StepMill pace for two to three minutes.

> Repeat the cycle once more.

> Finish with a five-minute cool-down.

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