The Burley D’Lite X Bike Trailer

This could be the perfect accessory for your fit fam outings.
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Nothing beats an outdoor excursion — except one done with the whole family. And this new bike trailer from Burley — the D’Lite X — is a must-have. Here’s the 411 on this awesome new togetherness gear.

Safety First — Comfort Second

Flimsy products don’t give you much of a sense of calm when riding on busier streets and pathways, but with the rugged and well-built Burley D’Lite X, you and your kids will feel safe and snug. The trailer has convenient safety buckles inside to ensure wiggly kids stay put, as well as a solid metal frame to protect precious cargo. The added suspension helps with bumpy rides and sturdy 20-inch tires grip the curves to avoid tipping and toppling. The D’Lite X also has front and rear reflectors for optimal visibility, both day and night, and as for comfort — the smooth suspension and added luxury of independently reclining seats means tiny passengers get first-class treatment!

Favorite Features

  • Anyone with a garage overstuffed with kid-accessories can attest to the fact that when you can get a single product that does the work of two, you buy it. Here is where the D’Lite X is a winner: This bike trailer can convert into a regular stroller right out of the box, or you can opt for an upgraded 2-wheel kit (sold separately).
  • The windshield on the D’Lite X is rated at UPF 50+ making it perfect for toting tots on sunny summer days without worrying about sunburn.
  • Burley is known for their outdoor products, and as such, this trailer is made to be water/wind/snow-resistant, so your little ones will stay cozy and dry inside their ride.

This D’Lite X bike trailer from Burley is a winner for your fit family. It’s safe, comfortable and weatherproof — and at the very reasonable price of $899 it’s a must-have for your 2019 summer fun. 

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