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Angela Gargano Warrior Shred NYC Fitness Adventure

Become a Warrior, Get Shredded

Warrior Shred is an eight-week program designed to get you shredded by focusing on your strength goals. Whether you’re a former athlete, a fitness junkie or a Warrior wannabe, you’ll love these workouts. You’ll begin by setting your goals and will gauge your current fitness level by completing a series of strength tests on Day 1. Then you will progress through eight weeks of specially curated workouts to get you as strong and as badass as possible! At the end, you’ll retest yourself and see just how far you’ve come.

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Win the Fitness Trip of a Lifetime

Not only will you develop incredible strength and a feeling of personal accomplishment in just eight short weeks, but you also could be one of three lucky ladies to win Angela’s Awesome Fitness Adventure! This prize includes the following:

  • A three-day trip to New York City (winter/spring 2020), including hotel and airfare
  • A two-hour training session with Angela Gargano herself at one of New York’s hottest fitness clubs
  • A makeover that includes hair and makeup and a photoshoot to highlight your transformation

Are You Ready to Train With an America Ninja Warrior Champion?

Join the Warrior Shred program on September 30, 2019. Don’t miss your chance to crush your fitness goals, get strong and shredded — and win!

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Contest Rules:

The Warrior Shred program launches September 30, 2019. You must complete all the required elements of the program by December 15, 2019, to be eligible to win the NYC fitness adventure. Download the Oxygen app starting September 28, 2019 to track your progress. All entries must be received in full by December 15, 2019, to be eligible. View complete contest rules here.

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