Coach Angela Gargano’s Workout Playlist

Get in the zone with this Warrior Shred song list.
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I’m going to confess something that might be a bit weird: I will spend an hour working out to the same song over and over again. There’s just something about putting a song on “repeat” that allows me to get in the zone and clear my head. When I play the same song, it’s there in the background and it keeps me moving without any distractions.

Angela Gargano Warrior Shred Coach

Angela Gargano compiled a list of her favorite songs.

Now, that doesn’t mean it’s the same song every single day because even I would get sick of that. Depending on how my day is going and my mood, I’ll switch the song up — this way, it’s aligned with my vibe.

Of course, just because this is my thing doesn’t mean it has to be your thing — find what works best for you and do that. Maybe you like variety, or maybe you like a constant beat. Here are a few of my favorites to give you a little workout inspiration:

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