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We Are Women Strong

No matter who you are or where you are in life, you've overcome obstacles to get to where you are today. These star athletes have gone through similar struggles and rose above their circumstances to achieve greatness in the fitness world. Learn from their experience. Gather motivation from their words. Empower yourself with their workouts. We are women strong!


Women Strong 2019

These seven athletes have faced life challenges with strength and vigor — from pushing through patriarchy to overcoming eating disorders. Meet our 2019 Women Strong team.

Women Strong 2019 athlete Brooke Erickson

Women Strong 2019: Brooke Erickson

This NASM-certified personal trainer, nutrition specialist and fit mother of three openly shares about her 10-year battle with an eating disorder — and offers solid advice to achieve a better mindset, as well as her favorite training and nutrition hacks.

Women Strong 2019 athlete Erin Stern

Women Strong 2019: Erin Stern

This former Division I track athlete and two-time Figure Olympia and 14-time IFBB champion shares training, nutrition and lifestyle philosophies that have molded her into such a powerful role model for women.

Women Strong 2019 athlete Nathalia Melo

Women Strong 2019: Nathalia Melo

This former IFBB Bikini competitor, Olympia champion and NFPT-certified trainer has a lot on her plate — including being a mother of two! Here, she shares her personal journey of resilience, as well as training and nutrition wisdom she’s learned along the way.