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6 Medicine Ball Exercises For Six-Pack Abs

Hit your abs from every angle with these core-strengthening moves.


Knee-In With Medicine Ball

Sit on a bench with a medicine ball between your knees; touch your feet together to form a diamond shape with your legs. Holding the bench for support, lift your legs from the ground and lean back slightly. Bring the ball towards your chest by bending your legs; at the same time, hinge forward slightly from your hips. Extend to return to the start, and repeat for two to three sets of 10 to 15 reps.

Make It Easier: Ditch the med ball, keep your feet together and splay your knees to the sides.


Bicycle With Weave

Hold a medicine ball in your left hand and sit on a mat with your feet lifted from the floor as shown. Bend your right knee, bringing it towards your chest, and pass the ball under the right leg. Grab the ball with your right hand, then switch leg positions and reverse the move to return to the start. Continue fluidly for 30 seconds, then rest and repeat once more. Be patient: the move might be tricky the first time, but with a bit of practice, you will eventually be able to do it seamlessly.

Make It Easier: Cut out the pass (just cycle your legs).


Med-Ball Hip Lift

Sit on a bench, gripping the edge on each side of your hips for support, and place both feet on a medicine ball, with knees bent. Contract your core, straighten your legs and lift your hips rearward to roll the ball away from the bench; your tailbone should be directed towards the wall behind you at the top of the move. Pause, then release and return to the start. Repeat for two sets of 10 reps.

Make It Easier: Only focus on lifting your hips straight up from the bench.


Med-Ball Roll-Up

Lie faceup on an exercise mat, with your left leg straight and your right leg bent (foot flat on the floor). Hold a light medicine ball in your left hand and extend your arm towards the ceiling. Keeping your arm straight, roll your spine up from the mat, vertebrae by vertebrae, until you are in an upright position. Slowly reverse to return to the start. Perform two to three sets of five to eight reps, then repeat on your other side.

Make It Easier: Do the exercise without the med ball and keep both legs straight.


V-Up With Med-Ball Pass

Lie faceup on a mat and hold a medicine ball with both hands. Flex your hips to lift your torso from the floor and bend your knees, bringing them towards your chest; concentrate on “scooping” your abdominal wall as you rise. With your body in a “V” position, pass the ball behind your thighs from your right hand to your left. Extend your legs to return to the start, then reverse the pass on your next rep. Do two sets of 10 reps in each direction.

Make It Easier: Touch your hands under your legs instead of passing a ball.


Seated Med-Ball Twist

Sit on a mat with your legs bent and feet on the floor. Hold a medicine ball close to your chest, lift your feet from the ground and lean back slightly from your hips. Alternate rotating your torso from left to right. Do two 30-second sets.

Make It Easier: Plant your feet on the ground (shown), or remove the weighted ball and hold your hands in front of your chest instead.

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