Total-Body Workouts for Women

8 Do-Anywhere Pilates Moves

We’ve gathered an array of moves that are not only engaging and effective, but they also can be completed anywhere on the go.

Scheduling can get out of control for anyone. We’ve gathered an array of moves that are not only engaging and effective, but they also can be completed anywhere on the go. Whether you’re on your lunch break, watching your favorite Netflix show or running errands, this quick toning workout from Ellie Houston, director of fitness at Pilates ProWorks, will have you seeing results in no time.


Bridge Carousel

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor hip-distance apart. Extend your right leg toward the ceiling and lift your hips into a single-leg bridge. Holding this position, lower your right leg toward the floor, bend your right knee into your chest and extend your right leg back up toward the ceiling. Continue moving your right leg in this circular motion without coming out of your bridge.

Muscles targeted: back extensors, glutes, hamstrings, obliques 

10 reps per side, 3 sets


Wheelbarrow Plank

Begin in plank with your arms extended at a 30-degree angle in front of your body. Tuck your tailbone and maintain a hollow front body. Without lowering your hips, bend your right knee until it taps the floor, then lift back into full plank — squeezing your right obliques for stability. Repeat on the left.

Muscles targeted: quads, shoulders, triceps, abs 

15 reps per side, 3 sets


Swan Rocking

Begin on your stomach with your abs pulled in, arms extended in front of you and palms on the floor. Broaden through the collarbone and keep your shoulders down. With control, slide your arms forward, rocking forward onto your chest while lifting your legs as high as you can behind you. Rock back.

Muscles targeted: glutes, abs, back extensors 

20 reps, 3 sets


Pilates Scissors

Lie on your back and lift your legs straight up until they hover above your hips. Make sure not to roll back onto your neck or cervical spine. Support your lower back with your hands, and slowly scissor your legs apart to your degree of flexibility while keeping your hips even. Switch legs.

Muscles targeted: abs, lats, triceps, glutes 

20 reps, 3 sets


Standing Crossover

Begin in a standing position. Reach your arms forward as you extend your right leg behind you, bringing your torso to a horizontal alignment. Draw an arc with your right leg, tap the floor behind you at a diagonal on your right, then on your left.

Muscles targeted: back extensors, glutes, abs 

15 reps per side, 3 sets 


Side-Plank Clamshell

Begin in a modified side plank. Keeping your toes together, open your knees and extend your top leg in line with your hip. Finish with small leg circles.

Muscles targeted: shoulders, obliques, glutes 

20 reps each side + 10 leg circles, 3 sets


Wall Walk-Up

Begin in the plank position and face a sturdy wall. Keeping a hollow front body with your tailbone tucked, walk one hand at a time up onto the wall, then back down to the floor.

Muscles targeted: shoulders, back, triceps, abs

8 reps each side, 3 sets


Hip Circle

Begin in the teaser position with your legs lifted to 45 degrees and your arms extended behind your body with your palms on the floor. Keeping your chest open and shoulders down, trace two halves of a circle in the air with your toes.

Muscles targeted: abs, back extensors, quads, lats

10 reps each side, 3 set.