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Ab Workouts for Women

Get On The Ball

Strengthen and tighten your midsection with these core-intensive Bosu moves.

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The word “core” has become synonymous with “abs” as of late, and yes, the abs are a part of the whole. But the true core is actually a 360-degree “corset” that wraps around your midsection and includes the abs, obliques, glutes, lower back, hip flexors and erector spinae. Training your core all the way around is essential for muscular balance and power as well as aesthetics: The stronger and tighter your natural corset, the smaller your waist will appear.

These moves train your entire core using a Bosu, which creates instability and forces the whole area to engage. Do this routine up to three days a week at the end of a workout or cardio session to cinch your corset tight — no strings attached!


1. Balancing Side Plank

Position the Bosu dome-side up and place your hand in the center of the dome, arm straight. Extend your legs away and pivot to one side, stacking your hips, knees and ankles so you’re balancing on your hand and the outside of your bottom foot. Lift your hips in line with your head and heels and hold.

Tip: To change things up, try placing your feet on the Bosu and your hand on the floor.

2. Slow-Mo Leg Lower

Position the Bosu dome-side up a foot or two in front of a sturdy object, like a gym bench or heavy couch. Lie on top of it with the small of your back in the center of the dome, and reach your arms overhead to grasp the bench or couch firmly. Bring your legs straight up over your hips and squeeze them together. Slowly lower your legs toward the floor as far as you can, keeping them together, then raise them back to the start.

Tip: Don’t allow your back to overarch as you lower your legs. Engage your abs and press your back into the Bosu to protect your spine.

3. Marionette

Lie facedown on the Bosu with your belly on the center of the dome. Extend your arms overhead and your legs behind you in the air, and shift forward or back on the dome until you’re perfectly balanced, parallel with the floor. Slowly open your legs and arms simultaneously, moving them toward each other in space so your body would make an X if viewed from above. Slowly return to the start and repeat.

Tip: Don’t arch your head up; keep it neutral to protect your spine.

4. Bosu Boat


Sit on the Bosu dome and lift your knees up to your chest, grasping them with your hands. Find your balance, and with a straight back, extend your legs and reach your arms forward toward your toes, parallel with the floor. Your body should make a V on top of the Bosu. Hold and breathe.

Tip: If keeping your legs straight is too challenging, bend your knees instead and hold.

5. V-Leg Crunch

Lie faceup on top of the Bosu dome and lift your legs over your hips and open your arms to the sides. Find your balance, then open your legs into a V. Alternately reach your hand toward your opposite foot, moving slowly to maintain balance on top of the dome.

Tip: Press your opposite hip down as you reach across your body with your arm to stay centered and stable on the Bosu.