Arm Workouts for Women

Bye-Bye Weak Bi’s

Hit your biceps from all angles with these three cable moves.

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This workout trains your biceps exclusively with cables, which usually allow for smoother and faster repetitions. Frequently, one does more reps working with cables, and because of the higher rep count, the pump arrives quicker. Less rest is needed between sets when working with cables. Also, you can adjust the angle with a simple step forward or back. Change the angle and you change the targeted area of the muscle. When you move back from the apparatus and start your curl from a leaned back straight-arm position, you are working the lower biceps. Position yourself close to the machine and you’ll be working the belly (middle) of the biceps.

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Try this routine once or twice a week. Go for three sets of each exercise, and aim for 15 reps each set. Don’t touch the plate to the stack in between reps, and keep your breathing steady.


Standing Rope Hammer Curl

Targets: Biceps/forearm tie-in

Setup: Stand fairly close to the apparatus, holding the ropes as shown.

Action: Curl up, then lower to the straight-arm position.

Tip: Turn your hands palms-up at the top for an extra pump.


Standing Cable Curl

Targets: middle biceps

Setup: Start with arms straight.

Action: Curl the bar towards your shoulders, keeping the upper arms tucked into your torso.

Tip: Try changing your grip — wide, medium or narrow.


Seated Pulley Concentration Curl

Targets: biceps peak

Setup: Rest your upper arm against your thigh, making sure the elbow is below the knee.

Action: Curl towards your chest. When your set is done, repeat on your other arm.

Tip: Don’t hunch forward as you fatigue during your set; you could hurt your back.