Fitness Quest: The 100-Squat Challenge

Squats are your lower body's best friend, and this challenge will have you doing plenty of them! By the end of this 30-day plan, you'll be prepared to rep out 100 squats in a row.

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Looking for leaner, stronger legs? Then this quest is for you. With this 30-day schedule, you’ll gradually increase the number of bodyweight squats you do starting with 20 on Day 1 and ending with 100 on Day 30. While you can do them any time of day, you have to do the squats continuously in order to make them count.

On your rest days, do plenty of mobility work for your lower back, hips and ankles, and foam roll your quads and glutes to encourage blood flow and circulation.

Check out the video below before you begin your quest to make sure you’re not missing any squat basics. Whether you’re new to the gym or a seasoned lifter, certified trainer and American Ninja Warrior competitor Angela Gargano’s tips will ensure your technique is top-notch.

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The following plan will prepare you to do 100 consecutive squats in just 30 days!

Day 1
20 squats
Day 2
25 squats
Day 3
25 squats
Day 4
Day 5
30 squats
Day 6
35 squats
Day 7
35 squats
Day 8
Day 9
40 squats
Day 10
45 squats
Day 11
50 squats
Day 12
Day 13
55 squats
Day 14
55 squats
Day 15
60 squats
Day 16
Day 17
65 squats
Day 18
70 squats
Day 19
70 squats
Day 20
Day 21
75 squats
Day 22
80 squats
Day 23
80 squats
Day 24
Day 25
85 Squats
Day 26
90 squats
Day 27
90 squats
Day 28
Day 29
95 squats
Day 30
100 squats

Badassery Badge

Think you’re a badass? Want to take it to the next level?

One or two days each week, do a different squat variation in place of bodyweight squats. Sumo squats, goblet squats, barbell squats, one-legged squats, pistol squats — any manner of squat is fair game. The more variations you do in a week, the bigger badass you are!

Stay tuned for midpoint and end-of-challenge videos and more Oxygen Fitness Quests at the main quest page.

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