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Glute Workouts for Women

Fight Cellulite, Build Your Glutes

Discover the truth about cellulite and a workout that can help you fight it — no squats included.

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Cellulite! It’s one of biggest topics to tackle when it comes to feeling confident in your own skin. Most women have to deal with cellulite, and most of us have no idea how to get rid of it. You may have seen the creams and fascia blasters, but what really works? What can you do to fight it?

When it comes to the fight against cellulite, I’m here to dispel all the myths once and for all and share practices that can truly make a difference.

First of all, let’s talk about the myths around cellulite.

Myth 1: You need to do more cardio to get rid of cellulite.

Truth: No! While cardiovascular exercise is an important part of any fitness regimen, cardio alone will not bring you the results you are looking for. Inactivity definitely factors into cellulite, but doing more cardio is counterproductive. You will burn the muscle you need to firm up those problem areas, which will result in more cellulite and a softer appearance. We need to be strengthening and building the underlying muscle. Lift the booty by building muscle in the glutes and hamstrings. You need a solid foundation of muscle to prop up the leg and booty and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Myth 2: Cellulite is genetic and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Truth: Although certain parts of our bodies are influenced by our genes, you can’t blame cellulite on genetics alone. Inactivity and poor diet, resulting in weight gain and muscle loss, also can be to blame. The best way to counteract the dimply soft appearance of cellulite is to replace it with firm, toned muscle. We need to stop the jiggle by adding a shapely hamstring muscle to lift the booty and lengthen the back of the leg.

Here are my top five booty-sculpting exercises that are sure to build a lean leg and booty muscle and smooth out the cellulite — for good!


Leg Pump With Dumbbell

Do 15 to 20 reps with one dumbbell. Hold the last set for a 10 count.

Lying on your back, place the soles of your shoes together as your knees face outward. Scoot your booty as close to your feet as possible. Place one dumbbell over your hips. As you complete each rep, you will lift up with your booty and squeeze your knees together. Squeeze and pause for two seconds.

Be sure to squeeze your booty and concentrate on activating those muscles. After you complete your reps, hold the last rep and squeeze for 10 seconds.

Tip: With every rep, try to go as low as you can with your booty without touching your booty to the floor.


Single-Leg Hip Thruster

Do 10 to 12 reps on each side.

For this exercise, you will be using the entire back of your legs to strengthen those muscles. Leaning on a bench, chair or couch, sit in a tabletop position with only your shoulders on the bench. One leg is bent at a 90-degree angle, placing your foot on the floor and the other extended straight out parallel to the floor. As you lower your hips, you will hold your hips and thrust upward from floor to ceiling, squeezing your booty at the top.

Tip: Push through your heel to get the most booty burn in this set!


Side Squat Lunge With Dumbbells

Do 12 to 15 reps on each side.

This exercise activates all glute muscles at the same time! Place one foot below your shoulder as if you are going to drop into a squat. Stretch the opposite leg out to one side. Hold your dumbbells on either side of your squat leg. As you squat down, you will push through the heel of your squat leg and keep only the heel of the stretched-out leg on the floor.

Tip: Go as low as possible and keep your balance by taking your time. Going slower actually makes this harder and more effective!


Single-Leg Lunge With Dumbbells

Do 10 to 12 reps on side.

Think lunges are hard? This is the ultimate exercise to lift that booty. It packs way more punch by completely isolating the hamstring-glute tie. In a lunge position, hold one dumbbell on the side of the leg that is down. Place your back leg on a chair or couch. Be sure to keep your lunge leg at a 90-degree angle with your knee stacked over your foot. Lower your weight down through your heel for your lunge, then press up through your heel to finish the movement.

Tip: Concentrate on muscle-mind connection. If you just go through the motions and don’t concentrate on activating your glute and hamstring muscles, you will just let your quadriceps muscles take over and won’t strengthen the problem areas.


Lunge Squat Lunge With Dumbbells

Do 15 to 20 reps total.

What’s harder than a lunge? A squat? Well, a lunge squat lunge!

This compound exercise burns out your muscles like no other! Start in a lunge position with one dumbbell on each side on your leg. Transition to a low squat with both dumbbells together in front of your chest. To complete the motion, push through your heels to finish with a lunge on the opposite side. Keep moving back to a squat, then lunge until you complete all reps.

Tip: Keep it slow and low the entire time! This ensures major muscle building. With every transition, be sure to push off with your heel into the next movement. The back foot should be there for balance only. Do not put weight on your back foot.

Complete this booty-sculpting circuit three to four times for time and fight back against cellulite!

Ashley King

Ashley King is an online personal trainer and accountability coach who specializes in helping women sculpt their bodies. Her specialty is booty sculpting. Fifteen years of weightlifting and personal training has made her an expert in tackling major problem areas like the back of the legs and bottom of the booty. She listens to her clients’ pain points and sets them on the right track for success.

To find more total-body workouts and nutrition tips, check out and King’s Instagram @ashleykingfitness.