Shoulder Workouts for Women

Three Moves for Sexy Shoulders

Want delts that stand out? These three moves hit your shoulders from all angles to build and shape.

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The shoulders are made up of three deltoid muscles: the front, sides and back, and since these muscles are responsible for movement of the arms in three different directions, we have to use a variety of exercise if we want all-around balanced shoulder development. If you are doing lots of bench presses with barbells or dumbbells, you’re will be getting plenty of frontal deltoid action.

The frequently ignored area of the shoulder is the rear deltoid. But when this is fully developed, it improves your posture and enhances the overall shoulder region.

It could be argued that the most important delt head is the side (lateral) area. When this is developed, it increases shoulder width, adding to that impressive “V” shape.

This workout hits all three muscles, giving you gorgeous, sexy shoulders.

What to Do

If you’re serious about building stunning delts, train your shoulders at least twice a week with a day’s rest between workouts.

Beginners: Start with light weights and do three sets of 10 to 12 reps.

Intermediates: Increase your weight and aim for three sets of eight to 10 reps. 

Advanced: To add mass, lift for three sets of five to six reps, using heavy weights.

upright row shoulder exercise

Upright Row

(front and side shoulders)

Start: Stand erect holding two dumbbells.

Move: Raise the weights as high as possible, keeping the elbows up. Lower and repeat.

Tip: Make sure you start each rep from a completely straight-arm position.

incline dumbbell flye shoulder exercise

Incline Dumbbell Flye

(rear shoulders)

Start: Set the incline on the bench at approximately 25 degrees and lie facedown on the bench.

Move: Raise the dumbbells out to the sides. Lower and repeat.

Tip: Keep arms slightly unlocked at you raise them up.

seated barbell press shoulder exercise

Seated Barbell Press

(side and front shoulders)

Start: Sit comfortably at the end of a flat bench, holding a loaded barbell in front of you at shoulder height.

Move: Press the barbell up to arms’ length. Lower and repeat.

Tip: Do not lean excessively back during the pressing movement.