Arm Workouts for Women

Strong Armed

Repetitive elbow flexion and extension can wreak havoc on your joints. These exercises take the pressure off your elbows — and put it on your muscles.



The biceps are what first comes to mind when most people envision sexy arms. As long as you choose multi-joint pulling exercises (think rows) that work the entire biceps muscle, you can say good-bye to isolating dumbbell, cable and barbell curls. Try performing sets of compound pulls, where your hand position mimics traditional curling movements. For instance, use a variety of grips, such as supinated (palms up), neutral (palms facing each other), and even a rotating grip throughout your back workouts.


Because your triceps make up more than half of the musculature of your upper arms, targeting them will certainly help you get the definition you desire. But squeezing out hundreds of rope extensions or kickbacks isn’t going to cut it – you need to work in exercises that hit other areas of the upper body, too, including the key ingredient to buff-looking arms: your shoulders. The great news is that your delts can be developed at the same time as your triceps – if you choose the right compound (read “multi-joint”) pressing exercises.