Total-Body Workouts for Women

Total-Body Towel Workout

A prop as simple as a towel can take your circuit routine to the next level.

Now that I grabbed your attention with the title of this workout (I hope!), let’s get right to it. If you’re like me, you love routines that you can perform anywhere and won’t take you hours to complete. For that reason alone, you need to try this out. 

Are you ready to sweat your butt off, get your muscles shaking and test your own strength? All you need is a couple of towels and a smooth surface and you’re ready to go!

Perform the following exercises in a circuit to feel the burn and achieve a challenging workout! 

Exercise Sets Reps/Time
Push-Up With Leg Slide 4-5 8-10 reps
Mountain Climber 4-5 20-30 seconds
Reverse Lunge 4-5 10-12 reps (each side)
Knee Tuck 4-5 20-30 seconds

The Moves

Knee Tuck

knee tuck

Start in a plank position with a towel under each foot. Ensure that your core is tight. Bring both knees into your chest and then extend your legs back out. Make sure you do not drop your hips as you go back. Repeat this motion while keeping your core tight.

Push-Up With Leg Slide

push up with leg slide

Start in a plank position with a towel beneath one foot. As you lower your chest into a push-up, slide one leg out to the side with the towel. As you push your body back up, slide the same leg back behind you to the starting position. Continue with the push-up motion, alternating legs.

Reverse Lunge

reverse lunge

Start standing with a towel directly under one foot. Slide your foot on the towel back behind you until you are in a 90-degree-angle lunge position. Then return the same leg to the starting position. Repeat on both sides. 

Mountain Climber

mountain climber

Start in a plank position with a towel under each foot. Keep your core tight. Bring one knee in toward your chest by sliding your foot that is on the towel and then bring that same leg back. As the one leg is going back, the opposite knee should begin to come up toward your chest. Continue alternating sides as quickly as you can.