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Total-Body Workouts for Women

The 20-Minute Full-Body EMOM Barbell Workout

EMOM workouts help build your fitness capacity, teach your body to recovery more quickly and kick absolute BUTT.

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Every minute on the minute (EMOM) is a type of workout that involves minimal rest and maximal volume. Whatever your fitness goals, EMOM workouts can be beneficial because you’re hitting every major pillar of fitness. You’ll increase muscular endurance, improve muscle strength, build muscle and improve balance.

The concept of EMOM is to perform a set number of repetitions of a particular exercise at the top of the first minute, and then rest for the remainder of that minute before performing another exercise at the top of the next minute. Your rest time will be determined by how you design the EMOM workout or how quickly you move through the reps. If you choose an allotted work time, you’re prescribing the exact rest time you will have each minute.

The 20-Minute Barbell EMOM Workout

Complete 3 sets of each exercise using the EMOM approach. I recommend using a weight you can lift for 15 reps (this will be approximately 65 percent of the weight you could lift once).

Exercise Reps
Back Squat 10
Barbell Shoulder Press 12
Biceps Curl 8
Deadift 10
Good Morning 10
Bent-Over Row 12
Barbell Ab Rollout 8


Back Squats
(Photo: West Studios)

MINUTE 1: 10 Back Squats

Safely load your upper back with the barbell, stand with your feet roughly shoulder-width apart, toes pointing slightly out. Keep your spine in neutral alignment by keeping your gaze at midline and looking at a spot on the floor about two meters in front of you.

Lower your body as though you’re aiming to sit back onto a chair. Descend until your hip crease is below your knee. Keep your weight on your heels as you drive back up.

(Photo: West Studios)

MINUTE 2: 12 Barbell Shoulder Presses

Stand with your body upright and core muscles braced, keeping your gaze at midline. Hold the bar on your upper chest, gripping it with hands just wider than shoulder-width apart. Press the bar directly overhead and return barbell to ear level and repeat.

TIP: Don’t tilt your hips forward during the movement.

Bicep Curl-3
(Photo: West Studios)

MINUTE 3: 8 Biceps Curls

Grab the barbell tightly with a shoulder-width underhand grip. Stand up straight with the barbell resting on your thighs. Your chest should be up and your shoulders pinned back slightly.

Curl the barbell toward your shoulders by flexing your biceps. Keep lifting until the undersides of your forearms forcefully press up against your biceps. Hold the contraction for a second and then slowly lower the weight under control until your elbows reach full extension.

(Photo: West Studios)

MINUTE 4: 10 Deadlifts

Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, grasp the bar with your hands just outside your legs. Place your thumbs against the outer part of your thigh, and run both hands down until they touch the bar. This is your ideal hand position.

Lift the bar by driving your hips forward, keeping a flat back. As for your grip, you have two choices: a double-overhand grip or a mixed grip, where one hand grips the bar overhand and the other underhand. The mixed grip will allow you to lift heavier, but make sure you switch hands regularly to prevent developing any muscular imbalances. Keep your gaze neutral throughout the lift.

TIP: Look forward with your eyes fixed to a spot on the ground about two to three meters ahead of your feet. Focus on keeping your chin up to keep your head in the best position for lifting.

Good Mornings
(Photo: West Studios)

MINUTE 5: 10 Good Mornings

Start by racking a barbell on your back, specifically the upper traps, as you would for a back squat. Stand straight with feet hip-distance apart. Hinge forward from hips. Push hips back, knees slightly bent, as if closing a door with your butt. Lower your torso until your spine is almost parallel to the floor, maintaining a slight arch in lower back. Keeping your core engaged, lift your torso to return to the starting position.

TIP: Avoid turning your head and keep your gaze neutral.

(Photo: West Studios)

MINUTE 6: 12 Bent-Over Rows

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart (medium stance). Bend over and grab the bar (palms down, medium-grip). Unlock your knees while keeping your hips high. Lift your chest and straighten your back. Pull the barbell against your lower chest and slowly straighten your back and return to a standing position.

TIP: Using a mixed grow with one underhand and one overhand grip will allow you to lift heavier.

Roll Out
(Photo: West Studios)

MINUTE 7: 8 Barbell Ab Rollouts

Hold an Olympic barbell loaded with weight plates on each side and kneel on the floor. Place the barbell on the floor in front of you so you’re on your hands and knees (as in a kneeling push-up position). This will be your starting position.

Slowly roll the barbell straight forward until parallel with the floor, stretching your body into a straight position. Go down as far as you can without touching the floor, and try to sync your breath in with this portion of the movement. After a 1-second pause at the stretched position, start pulling yourself back to the starting position as you exhale, keeping you core engaged at all times.