Pull-Up Fitness Quest: Midpoint Check-In

Angela Gargano checks in halfway through the 30 Day Pull-Up Quest.

Photo: Oxygen Team

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If you’ve been sticking to the plan, here’s your Pull-Up Fitness Quest midpoint check-in!

By now, pull-ups should no longer feel so scary and impossible. You’re feeling comfortable with the bar, the movement and the mental blockade that it’s just “too hard.”

At this point you should be able to increase your max number by one. Take this midpoint to remember good form and fix those little mistakes that make pull-ups even harder than they should be. You never want to be hurting or feel any unhinged pain during these movements.

Fitness Quest leader and American Ninja Warrior athlete Angela Gargano takes us through the typical mistakes she sees when training an athlete to increase their pull-up count.

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Badassery Badge

Think you’re a badass? Want to take it to the next level?

Rather than doing standard pull-ups every workout, change it up! Try swapping your standard overhand grip for variations like underhand or switch-grip pull-ups. You can even add towels to hang on to for increased grip strength.

Stay tuned for a final check-in with Gargano, and check out more Fitness Quests here!