5 Partner Exercises That Will Turn a Workout Into Date Night

Skip dinner and a movie and get your hearts pumping with this sweat session for two.

Looking at your schedule and wondering how you’re going to fit in work, family obligations, quality time with your partner, and a challenging workout? We can’t do much about dentist appointments and the sales report that’s due on Monday, but we do have a plan for a spicy partner workout that checks off both the “fitness” and “bonding” boxes on your to-do list.

This high-intensity, full-body workout requires enough space for running (a track or 200-meter stretch of sidewalk will do) and a medicine ball that both of you can carry and lift for multiple reps. Each move requires teamwork and communication, so you’ll need to stay present and work with your partner to execute each exercise successfully. But remember: It’s still a date! Feel free to laugh, show off, act a little silly, and even sneak in a kiss or two.

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