8 Tips to Build Better Glutes

Bikini pro and Olympia and Arnold champion Ashley Kaltwasser offers up key advice for strengthening your backside.
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Warmer weather is just around the corner, which means we’ll be trading our jeans and sweatpants for bikinis and shorts. Check out my top tips for training your glutes for a rounder, fuller bottom!

Here’s an example of an energizing glute workout you can try:

*Pre-exhaust your glutes with 20 cable kickbacks on each leg.

4x10 leg press (shoulder-width stance, feet high on the sled)

4x10 prone hamstring curl (each leg)

3x10 pistol squat (each let)

3x10 straight-leg deadlift (wide-leg stance)

3x10 sumo squat with dumbbell (wide stance)

3x10 plyo box jump

3x10 one-leg deadlift with dumbbell

3x10 curtsy lunge (each leg)

3x10 vertical leg press

3x10 glute bridge on stability ball

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