Refresher Course: Wobble Board

If you want to train your mental acuity and hone your balance, try a wobble board.

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If you want to train your mental acuity and hone your balance, try a wobble board. “There are two versions, one with a cylindrical base, which is easier, and another with a circular base, which is harder,” Roberts says. You can use both similarly, either in a standing position to do things like squats, overhead presses and dumbbell curls or while on the floor to do push-ups, planks and dips.

Technique — Finisher

In case you didn’t give it your all during a workout — or are just that masochistic — you can tack a finisher on at the end. These short five- to 10-minute workouts are designed to fatigue any muscle fibers that might have been left untouched or undertrained, and to burn off any extra gas left in your tank.

Wobble-Board Wrap-Up

Perform this finisher for one to three rounds, depending on your time and fitness level. Having trouble balancing? Set your wobble board up next to a wall or sturdy object for balance.

  • Wobble-Board Stand (60 seconds)
  • Hanging Knee Raise or Toes-to-Bar
  • Wobble-Board Plank (60 seconds)
  • V-Up
Wobble-Board Plank for Wobble Board Refresher Course

Wobble-Board Plank

Place a hand on each side of the board and extend your legs behind you. Your head, hips and heels should align. Shift your weight slightly forward so your chest is over the board and hold here for time.

Tip: If you’re having trouble balancing, spread your feet wider apart to create a more stable base.

Wobble-Board Standing Balance

Carefully get onto the board with a foot at each end, toes forward, and stand with your knees slightly bent, arms in front of you for balance. Try to stay exactly in the center and not let the ends or the front/back edges touch the floor.

Tip: Hold onto a sturdy object or wall when starting out to help maintain your balance.