Get a Knockout Body

Shed flab, get stronger and boost your confidence with these four punches.

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Boxers are some of the fittest athletes around, with über-shredded physiques and the cardio capacity of a thoroughbred. Cash in on their conditioning without taking a blow to the nugget with this boxing-inspired workout.

Your Fighting Fit Fat-Loss Plan

Warm up with some jump rope and dynamic stretching movements such as leg and arm swings, then shadowbox using these four punches, as outlined by William Joppy, a three-time World Boxing Association middleweight champion and coach. Challenge yourself to go the distance, throwing punches and punch combos for a minute, then rest for 30 to 60 seconds to complete one round. Repeat for nine rounds and you’ll be a knockout in no time.



Take a wide stance with your front foot flat and your toes pointed forward; your rear foot should be at a 45-degree angle positioned up on your toes. Your body should be angled to the side with your knees slightly bent and your weight distributed evenly between your feet.

Hold your hands in loose fists in front of your face with your elbows pointing down. Your inactive hand should remain close to your chin while keeping your shoulder and back muscles engaged.

Using your rear fist, punch straight forward toward your target, pivoting on your rear foot and turning your hips over to generate power through your arm. Rotate your arm and palm downward, and clench your fist just before hitting your target to generate the most force.

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“Sit down” into your punch by bending your knees slightly to maintain balance and maximize power output.

Follow through by rotating your torso in the direction of your punch and turning your lead hip outward while bringing the shoulder of your throwing arm forward.

Immediately retract your arm back to the guard position. Never “push” your arm into your opponent on this or any punch; snap the punch quickly and forcefully, and retract it in the same way.



Using your forward fist, punch your arm straight toward your target. Don’t let your elbow swing out to the side; it should always be pointing toward the ground.

Shift your weight slightly forward onto your lead foot as your arm comes to full extension to add power to the punch, but not so much that you’re off-balance.

Keep your chin down, and elevate your shoulder to protect your chin as you extend your arm.



Lift your lead arm, elbow bent 90 degrees, so it’s parallel to the ground.

Pivot on your lead foot to the inside and turn your hip over and inward as the punch comes across your body.

The heel of your lead foot should lift off the ground as you engage the hip to generate power for your punch.

Keep the punch tight and close to your body. Swinging too wide or creating a larger arm angle reduces power output.



Drive your rear fist up from the waist with your palm facing toward you.

Pivot on your rear foot and rotate your hip while punching upward for power.

Don’t jump up into the punch but rather sit down into your stance by squatting slightly to maximize balance and force.

Practice throwing an uppercut low and high — at the opponent’s chin or chest — to change things up.