Any Day Can Be Day One

New Year’s resolutions are just a marketing ploy. You can start reaching for your goals whenever you’re ready to do the work.

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I admit it — I stopped making New Year’s resolutions years ago. That’s a super-odd choice for someone who works in the industry that thrives during the annual “resolution window.” Every year, on January 1, gyms are slammed, online program sales skyrocket, and 1 in 4 women get at-home gym equipment for Christmas (OK, I totally made that statistic up, but it felt right) and start their journey toward their “new year, new me” body. 

So why on earth wouldn’t I be the poster child for New Year’s resolutions? Simple: Because the majority of those who come like bats out of hell toward their goals on January 1 quit before three weeks is up. Ouch, harsh — and that’s one statistic I didn’t make up. Most people who start a new training plan don’t make it past three weeks, New Year’s or not. 

You Can Reach Your Goals Anytime

So knowing that, I like to create room for constant resolutions. Personally, every Monday is a new start. Birthdays? Best time for resolutions. Break up? HELLO!

When Andrew and I created the Built in 60 program, we took this into account. Yes, of course we want you to make a promise to yourself and allow our program to help you get there at the start of 2021. But you know what? If it’s July or 2022, the program is designed to be your fresh start no matter when you do it, what you’re facing or what your goals are. 

The genius part of movement is that it never expires. The beautiful part about your body is that when you’re ready, she’s there. 

Whether it’s January 1, just another manic Monday or your 40th birthday, resolutions in our world are constant. So let the Built in 60 program be your handbook on how — it’s up to you to decide the when. 

And girl, just so you know, whatever you promise to be always encounters opposition. Life tests how serious we are about our commitments on purpose — almost as if we have to prove to ourselves that we really mean it. So when you run into unexpected stress, loss or even joy that causes you to want to compromise your goals, just remember that there is no perfect time and no perfect circumstance to travel through who you are to get to who you want to be. 

We are just happy to be able to help with the simple stuff — great workouts, effective nutrition and the support you need. The rest is all you, boo! You got this, and we got you! 

Looking to build agility, balance, endurance and strength? This winter, we are pairing 13-time fitness cover model and All-American collegiate track and field athlete Amber Dodzweit Riposta with her husband, Andrew Riposta, a holistic health coach, nutritionist and lifelong sports enthusiast. 

So what are you waiting for? This 60-day program designed exclusively for Oxygenwill help you build lean muscle and burn fat through progressive workouts with minimal equipment — and the accompanying holistic nutrition protocol will help to accelerate your efforts.

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