“If I Can Do It, Anyone Can!”

After dropping more than 50 pounds with a little help from cardio, weights and (yes!) Bon Jovi, Rhonda Peavy is a picture-perfect example of fitness.

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Name: Rhonda Kaye Peavy Age: 41 Height: 5’5″  Weight before: 188 lb Weight now: 137 lb Location: Douglas, GA Occupation: Personal trainer Favorite way to burn calories: “Hitting the pool. It’s a great way to cool off on hot Southern days!” Favorite clean meal: Homemade shrimp pizza

When she saw herself in her son’s wedding photos just a year ago, Rhonda Peavy decided to take action the only way she knew how – by drastically cutting calories. But when her energy tanked, she looked for a better way. “Tosca’s book, The Eat-Clean Diet, was pivotal. Seeing how Tosca transformed her own life, I thought, ‘I can do this.'”

Making a Fit Habit

Weighing 188 pounds, Rhonda didn’t jump full speed into fitness. She didn’t start running marathons, hitting the gym three times a day or spending every waking moment doing abdominal crunches. Instead, Rhonda walked. She started with a four-mile trek up and back on the main street in Douglas, Georgia. The walks boosted her energy and motivation, and when she added in weight training later, she discovered that her body was really starting to shape up. Excited to discover muscle tone she’d never had, Rhonda devoured every issue of Oxygen, explored every fitness website and Googled “butt” and “legs” for training tips.

Discovering her Fat Loss “Weapons”

Once she was comfortable, Rhonda began hitting the gym six days a week, performing four days each of weights and cardio sessions. She varied between 30-minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) on the treadmill, alternating a minute each of running and walking, and 45 to 60 minutes on the elliptical. On days when she felt tired, her iPod was a huge help. “A little Bon Jovi goes a long way!” she says. Her other secret weapon? Those old wedding photos. If she ever didn’t feel like working out, she’d take them out and have a good, hard look, and it always inspired her to make the trip to the gym. On Tosca’s advice, Rhonda also ditched sugar and began to eat a clean diet. Having tried all sorts of wacky solutions in the past, she was excited to eat for long-term results.

Inspiring Others

By spring of 2010, Rhonda was struck by how much her body had changed. “I had on workout stuff and I thought, ‘This looks pretty good! I can’t believe this is me!” To top it off, she had strangers walking up to her in the gym, asking for training tips and even copycatting her meal plans. Feeling “awesome” about her new level of fitness, Rhonda now happily steps out in front of cameras to have her photo taken, and is very proud of how far she has come. “If I can do it, anyone can!”

Weekly Workout

Rhonda trains six days per week, taking a break on Sundays. Here’s what her fit routine looks like:

  • Monday: Legs and butt
  • Tuesday: Abs and cardio
  • Wednesday: Arms, back, shoulders and cardio
  • Thursday: Legs, butt and light cardio
  • Friday: Abs and cardio
  • Saturday: Arms, back, shoulders and cardio
  • Sunday: OFF

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