Step out of your comfort zone!

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We all love working out! But, as you guys know, I dislike cardio, so I have to mentally bribe myself. I’m serious! When the weather’s nice, I take advantage and get outside, running bleachers, hiking, running on trails and on the beach. As competition prep, I do 30 to 40 minutes of cardio every day and hit the StairMaster when the weather’s not cooperating. But, I’ll admit, it can get addictive. I love the sweat and feeling of reaching the “card zone.”

Still, my favorite workout is lifting heavy! I love seeing my strength increase from week to week. One go-to routine calls for four sets of 15 reps, and some days, four sets of 50 reps. I have a journal to log my weekly progress, and I get so excited when I bump up the weight. I also like to do one day of high-intensity plyometrics, for example, six sets of 30 jump squats, four sets of 30 burpees and three sets of 15 box jumps. When I have a partner with me, it’s even better; we are all competitors and we all push each other a little harder. Feeling my strength increase is so fulfilling.

Being a competitor is not for everyone, but if you can make it through the week-to-week progress and self-development, you are definitely an athlete. It doesn’t matter how you place – just do it. You have nothing to lose! You will inspire so many people with your discipline. That’s what we all love hearing, that we’re helping someone get off the couch and into the gym because we’ve inspired them. Believe in yourself and step out of your comfort zone!

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