5 ways to get bikini-ready!

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Hi Oxygen friends,

It’s amazing how many people think that their bodies are “different” when it comes to losing weight. They “can’t” lose weight and they think it is because their body chemistry is different then the people who lose weight easily. While I do agree, everyone’s body’s respond differently, I strongly disagree when people tell me they “can’t” lose weight. I’ve NEVER met a body that I can’t sculpt. NEVER!

So toss out those excuses and try these five simple things that I start with when working with a new client.

1. Stop focusing on cardio and do resistance training. Cardio is good, but when it comes to losing weight and achieving a sculpted body, resistance training is the magic bullet. Cardio burns calories for a hour or so, muscle burns calories 24 hours a day.

2. Analyze your calorie intake. Going 500-600 calories overboard is a easy as a trip to the vending machine, an extra handful of trail mix, and/or a stop at Starbucks. I’m not saying you have to count every calorie for the rest of your life, but if you want to get serious about reaching your weight loss goals you need to know your numbers. A good rule of thumb is multiply the weight you WANT to be at times 10 and start their with your calories. *Note: Don’t go below 1200 calories a day

3. Time your food properly. Eat the bulk of your carbohydrates around your workout or the most active part of your day. When you are least active bulk up on protein, healthy fats, and veggies. This alone will make a huge difference.

4. Get rid of bread. 95% of all breads on our grocery shelves are processed crap. I feel strongly about that as you can tell!! The American diet is saturated with flour and it can completely sabotage your weight loss efforts. There are a few good breads out their like Ezekiel brand, but it takes a real pro to find the good breads. If you must eat bread look for 100% sprouted grain breads.

5. Never eat carbs alone. Eating carbs by them selves causes an insulin spike. Insulin is a fat storage hormone and when it is present, it makes it difficult to mobilize fatty acids. Always eat your carbs with a little healthy fat or protein.

*Vegetables are OK to eat alone as they do not impact your insulin response.

Try these five tips and I promise you will see results! Remember bikini season is just around the corner!