VIDEO: 20-Minute TRX Back and Core Workout

Blast your back and core with this express TRX workout.

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Sitting, slouching, texting — all these modern-day postural annihilators come with a price: inactive abs, tight hips, stiff necks and rounded shoulders. Fortunately, this posture-perfect TRX workout can straighten you out.

These moves target the upper back and core — two regions paramount for maintaining good posture — while deftly counteracting the negative effects of sitting. These functional superstars also create long, lean muscle in your abs and back, building optimal shape and the intrinsic strength that leads to healthier joints, improved exercise longevity and sustained results.

After a dynamic warm-up, perform each move for 30 seconds at a moderate to high intensity. Rest 30 seconds between moves and go through the routine three to four times.

Exercise Work/Rest (seconds) TRX Strap Length
Pull-Up 30/30 Shortened all the way up
Face Pull 30/30 Shortened all the way up
Side Plank 30/30 (each side) Midshin level
Pike 30/30 Midshin level
Oblique Crunch 30/30 Midshin level

Note: Do the moves in the order suggested above to minimize equipment adjustments and save time.


Hang directly underneath the anchor so your spine is vertical with the straps, arms extended. Place your feet flat on the floor, knees bent. Drive your elbows down and back to pull yourself up, using your legs to assist, if needed. Lower slowly to the start and repeat right away.

Face Pull

Stand and lean away from the TRX, walking your feet underneath the anchor until your body is at an angle to the floor; the more horizontal you are, the more challenging the move becomes. Pull the handles toward your ears, driving your elbows out and back so that at peak contraction they make 90-degree angles beside your head. Slowly return to the start.

Side Plank

Set the TRX to midshin and place a foot in each cradle. Turn onto your side with your top foot slightly in front of your bottom, and place your elbow underneath your shoulder on the floor. Lift your hips to align with your head and heels. Hold and breathe.


Get into plank position with your feet in the cradles. Lift your hips to align with your head and heels and press through your palms to stabilize your shoulders. Lift your hips toward the sky while keeping your legs straight, drawing your feet toward your head and rising as high as you can. Slowly lower to the start and repeat right away.

Oblique Crunch

From plank position, bend your knees and draw them underneath you and to the side toward your right elbow, keeping your hips low. Extend to the start and continue, alternating sides.

To see these moves in action — plus two bonus moves to add to the program — watch the above video.