Capoeira Core: Kick From the Floor

Are you ready to “Brazilify” your core work?

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Want to “Brazilify” your core work? Try the Capoeira Core Kick, created by Brett Hoebel, author and creator of the 20 Minute Body ( and longtime practitioner of the martial art capoeira. Do four to six reps on each side as part of a core workout, circuit or high-intensity interval training session.


Sit with your feet flat on the ground, knees bent and hands on either side of your hips. Press up with your hands and feet to lift your glutes off the ground. 


Extend your left leg out straight in front of you and turn to the left side, lifting your hips while bending your right elbow to cover your face with your forearm for protection. Balance on the outer edge of your left foot as you press your hips forward and kick your top (right) foot into the air above your hips, toes pointed. Return to the start and continue, alternating sides. 

Trainer tip

Do two kicks to increase the difficulty and generate more balance work for your core.