Snack Attack

Nibble guilt-free with these grab-and-go snacks.

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Snacking has become an American pastime. So much so that up to 50 percent of our daily calories are sourced from between-meal nibbles. So it goes without saying that making poor snacking choices can quickly spiral into Buddha-belly. But how does a busy woman snack well on the go? 

We sussed out some of the best store-bought options that won’t undo your time spent at the gym. When you���re feeling peckish, these snacks offer a one-two punch of great taste and nutritional benefits.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Bites

There are plenty of reasons why we heart hemp. Namely, the nutty-tasting seeds are loaded with protein to help take the edge off hunger. And a serving of these bite-size crunch monsters supply 10 grams of protein, making them better than almost anything you’ll find at the concession stand. Other nutritional perks include plenty of heart-healthy omega fatty acids as well as a surprising amount of iron to help keep your energy levels up during any of your outdoor pursuits. ($7;


Epic Hunt & Harvest Mix


Who says trail mix is just about peanuts and raisins? Available in four tasty flavors — Mountain Medley, Honey Harvest, Berry Blossom and Coconut Carnivore — each package contains an inspiring mix of protein-packed dried grass-fed, organic beef along with an assortment of nutrient-dense nuts, seeds and fruits. Mulberries and jerky? In my trail mix? Yep! ($5;

Strong & Kind Honey Smoked BBQ Bar


Why settle for another sticky-sweet energy bar when you can take a bite out of one that reminds you of what is so great about summer — backyard grilling. Featuring almonds, pumpkin seeds, pea protein and smoky flavor, each savory bar packs in enough protein and healthy fats to hold you over until it’s time to flip those burgers. ($1.80;

SuperSeedz Curious Curry


What happens when pumpkin seeds meet curry? A whole lot of yum! Free of added sugars, each bag contains a bounty of crazy healthy pumpkin seeds that are given an exotic spin courtesy of curry powder. After first taste, you’ll be looking to add them to your diet whenever you can such as on salads and sprinkled onto soups. Other creative flavors include Tomato Italiano and Coco Joe. $5;

Bare Simply Toasted Coconut Chips


These toasty coconut chips can make snack time taste like you’re basking in the sunshine on a tropical vacation. Coconut is a surprisingly great source of dietary fiber to help keep your body in bikini-ready shape year-round.($2;

Way Better Snacks Pita-ahh Chips


Forget the greasy potato chips. When you’re craving some crunch, reach instead for this more waistline-friendly option. Each pita-style chip is made using organic sprouted red fife wheat and the ancient grain spelt to help you nail your daily whole-grain quota in one of the most nutritious ways possible. Cheese lovers will find it hard not to devour an entire bag of the Smoked Havarti flavor. ($4;

Frontier Bites


With health-hiking ingredients like blueberries, macadamia nuts, sunflower seeds and puffed millet, you won’t feel any snacker’s remorse after polishing off a bag of these crunchy squares. ($6;

Navitas Naturals Superfood + Turmeric Tamari Almonds


Laced with vital minerals, healthy fats and plant-based protein, almonds are already considered a superfood. So when you dust them with anti-inflammatory turmeric, you’ve got yourself a low-carb snack worthy of rock-star status. A touch of sea salt makes them even more crave-worthy.($8;

Fusion Chili Basil Turkey Jerky


No longer just for long-haul truckers, jerky is exploding in popularity (gratis, Paleoers). This version features parched turkey that is infused with basil for fresh, herbal flavor and chili for a feisty kick. Each serving contains 10 grams of muscle-building protein and none of the appetite-killing sketchy preservatives. It’s also available in a range of other meats and flavors, including lemon pepper chicken and garlic jalapeno pork. Time for a primal scream. ($7;

Wild Planet Mackerel Fillets


Grab a fork, peel back the lid and scoop out this richly flavored swimmer. Not only is the mackerel in each tin ultra-sustainable, owing to abundant wild populations and ocean-friendly fishing methods, but your body inside and out will benefit from the boatload of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. Indeed, a welcome relief from the sweet items that dominate the snack word. ($3.30;

Nourish Snacks


Designed by a registered dietitian, these deliciously creative snacks are sure to up the nutritional ante of your snacking. Great options include Cowboy Crunch, featuring BBQ-spice roasted corn; Almond to Cherries with a blissfully simple duo of roasted almonds and tart cherries; and Mocha-mazing starring cocoa-dusted nuts and crunchy mocha granola. All are gluten-free and dairy-free. ($10/5 pack;

Veggie-Go’s Carrot Ginger


Carrots shouldn’t work in fruit leather, but they certainly do here. Other inventive flavors feature kale, sweet potato and beet, which also can help sneak more veggies into your diet while you’re on the open road, all without any added sweeteners. ($28/20 pack;

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