The #OxygenBadAssBurpees Challenge Day 10

Up your resistance and feel the different when you tackle today's burpees. Tag us on social media!

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Watch each video carefully, follow our instructions below, and post yourself crushing these burpees with the hashtag #OxygenBadassBurpees for your chance to win.

Beginners can do one to two sets of five to 10 reps each. More advanced participants can shoot for three sets of 15, 20 or more reps. You also can blend them into your existing exercise program, circuit, metcon or Workout of the Day.


Medicine-Ball Burpee

1. Hold a medicine ball in front of you with both hands, arms extended.

2. Crouch and place the ball on the floor, centering your hands on top.

3. Jump your legs behind you into plank and do your push-up on top of the ball, keeping your elbows close to your sides and touching your chest to the ball at the bottom.

4. Jump your feet back underneath you, grab the ball with both hands and jump into the air, reaching it overhead. Land softly and repeat.


Manmaker Burpee

1. Hold a set of dumbbells at your sides, then crouch and place them parallel to one another on the floor.

2. With your hands on the dumbbells, jump your feet back into plank and do a push-up. Extend back to plank.

3. Hold at the top of plank and perform a one-arm row on each side, hips square.

4. Do another push-up, then hop your feet underneath you outside the dumbbells.

5. As you stand, clean the dumbbells off the floor by pulling them along the front of your body in an upward rowing motion, then do a shrug and flip your elbows underneath to catch them lightly on your shoulders.

6. Hold them here as you squat down as low as you can, then drive up explosively, using that momentum to help you press the weights overhead to complete one rep.

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