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Built in 60

All About Andrew Riposta

The Built in 60 co-coach opens up.

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Most Oxygen readers are familiar with our OC5 coach Amber Dodzweit Riposta, but you probably don’t know a lot about her other half. We cornered Mr. Riposta on set while shooting their new online ed course, Built in 60, to dish about all things Andrew, including overcoming his chubby phase, becoming a nutrition autodidact and falling in love with his best friend.

What is your background in sports/training?

Growing up, I was a three-sport athlete — I played football and did wrestling and track. After school, I needed something competitive, so I studied Brazilian jiu-jitsu and muay thai. I really enjoyed different grappling and striking techniques, and I still train in these disciplines today. 

So you were always pretty athletic and in shape?

I was athletic, yes, but I struggled with weight, and puberty didn’t do me any favors. It’s weird when you’re an athlete but you don’t look the part. For instance, I was the only “chubby” football player who wasn’t a lineman or something, so that created a lot of insecurities. Yet in high school and middle school, we never lost a track meet and won all the regional and state titles, and our football team was in the conference championship every year and won two state titles, as well.

Did you lift weights for your sports?

Growing up, I hit the weights with my father who was always a powerlifter, but I started taking it seriously around age 16 when I trained my older sister’s boyfriend. I knew I had to do something to look the part of the athlete and also to perform better. 

How and why did you get into nutrition?

I always trained hard, but my body was still a huge insecurity. Then I did a challenge program with a strength coach in Florida, and in just 90 days, my body changed more than it ever had before. Right then, I started reading and became addicted to information. I became a personal trainer when I moved to Los Angeles but decided that nutrition was really the element that yielded the results, so I took that education more seriously. 

How did you meet Amber? 

I met Amber in a nightclub in Las Vegas. I said to my friend, “Who the hell is that, and please introduce me!” He said quickly, “You’re not her type, don’t bother.” So I didn’t, but we became friends, and over the years, we had some great conversations and a lot of tequila. 

How did you finally ask her out? 

I’ve never been overly bold in this arena and have probably had some missed opportunities because of it in the past. In any case, we were friends, but I hadn’t heard from Amber in almost two years. But one day I got a text that just said, “Hey.” I texted back and asked if she had texted the right Andrew, and she laughed and said yes, she had meant to text me, and that she owed me an apology for disappearing on our friendship. She said, “You’ve been on my mind and heart, and I want to see if there’s anything on the romantic side.” She came down to San Diego where I was working for a few days and spent the weekend. After our first date, I texted my mom and said, “Mom, I’m done. I have someone you need to meet.” I went back to Fort Lauderdale and Amber flew to meet me 10 days later — and never went back. I always wanted to fall in love with my best friend. And after lots of failures, I got my wish. 

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